Economics | Games & Experimental Methods II: Experimental Economics
E427 | 1705-1706 | Prof. Williams

E427 - Games & Experimental Methods II:  Experimental Economics

Prerequisites:  E327 and E370

Note:  this course can fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences
Intensive Writing requirement.

E427 is a seminar style course on the use of laboratory experiments as
a research tool in applied microeconomics.   The course begins with an
overview of general principles utilized in designing, conducting, and
evaluating behavior in economic experiments.  The seminar focus then
turns to specific application areas including: (1) market behavior and
performance in alternative institutional settings, (2) allocation
decisions in settings with externalities - including public goods
provision and appropriation from common-pool resources,  (3)
decision-making in various two-person normal form games, and (4)
experiments with non-human subjects.  There is no text for the
seminar, and no exams.  Required readings are primarily published
research papers.  Grading is based on six three-page papers, a final
research project, and participation in seminar discussions.