W401 1906 BUMAS
Advanced Fiction Writing

10:10a-12:05p T (15) 3 cr.


The main objective of this workshop will be the production of three stories and three revisions. The stories, by the end of the semester, should be professionally enough presented that they may be unblushingly submitted to a journal for publication.

Because students will have already completed two other college-level fiction-writing classes, we will take for granted that everyone is familiar with the basic elements of fiction composition and most of the important critical terms. Students will be expected to be able to articulate something of an ars poetica and to place their work within a literary tradition.

Students interested in this class should submit 15-20 pages of fiction along with a list of their previous creative writing classes and any other pertinent biographical information to my mailbox in BH 442 at least several days before registration. A list of accepted students will be posted on my office door (BH 527). After you have been approved, contact the Undergraduate Secretary in BH402 for an on-line authorization.