Geography | Topics in Environmental Geography
G440 | 2489 | Green

TOPIC: Remote Sensing of Global Environmental Change: Human and
Ecological Dimensions of Land Use and Deforestation.

This course will cover the theory and application of Satellite Remote
Sensing to the study of Global Change.  It will primarily focus on
measuring and monitoring human induced changes to terrestrial
vegetation cover, primarily temperate and tropical forest, using
satellite derived images.  The course will stress a hands-on approach
that will enable the student to: set up a workable scientific strategy
for studying global change, search for appropriate data, order and
convert data to usable forms, process scenes for work in the field,
collect relevant ground truth data, analyze time series data, complete
image classifications, explore other image processing techniques, and
explore the modeling of deforestation processes.  By directly
completing a series of weekly exercises the techniques learned should
be more easily transportable out of the classroom.  A practical
strategy that stresses efficiency and productivity will be employed in
which the students help build procedural documentation that will
ultimately be accessible on the web.

The lab for this course meets from 2:30p to 5:00p on Wednesdays.