Germanic Languages | Introduction to German Literature: Themes
G306 | 2612 | Holschuh

Topic: Why Lovers Used to Die

Three credit hour course; meets 12:20-1:10, MWF in BH 305.

Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum grade of C-. Recommended: G330.

Why do most of the great sweet love stories end in disaster? Why did or does
the public want to read about the death of lovers rather than a "Happyend", as
the German language calls the standard Hollywood conclusion? We will use the
slightly comical and sentimental question as a key to greater issues in German
literature and society. And we will learn to read literature. As a rule, class
discussion will be in German, but students may occasionally switch to English
for clarification. Three essay exams of equal weight, based on a known list of
topics, written half in German and half in English. Almost daily quizzes. A
computer conference as an extension of class discussion.

(+) Bachmann, DIE HÖRSPIELE
(+) Mann, TRISTAN
(+) Schiller, KABALE UND LIEBE
(+) A course reader to be available at Mr. Copy (10th and Dunn)