Germanic Languages | Perspective on German Literature
G415 | 2625 | Mitchell

Three credit hour course; meets 9:05-9:55, MWF in BH 229

Topic: Literature and War

Prerequisite: G305/G306
This course will deal with the general impact of war on German literature in
the twentieth century, as well as the specific reactions of major German
writers to war.  From 1914 on, war becomes a recurrent theme in the novel,
drama and lyric poetry.  Readings will include works by Reinhard Goering,
Georg Trakl, Ernst Stadler, August Stramm, Bertolt Brecht, Ernst Jnger, E.M.
Remarque, Wolfgang Borchert, Paul Celan, Heinrich Bll, Siegfried Lenz, Gnter
Grass and others. Although this is not a history course, some basic knowledge
of historical facts is essential, and
readings will include excerpts from basic texts in modern German history.
There will be a mid-term and a final exam, as well as quizzes on individual