Germanic Languages | Seminar in German Literature
G825 | 2649 | Sieg

Topic: German Gender Studies

Four credit hour course meets; 5:45-7:00, TR in BH 141

This seminar will introduce students to cultural theories of gender and sexuality
in an effort to provide them with the methodological tools they need to undertake
cultural analysis in the area of feminist cultural studies.  We will address
cultural products and practices extending far beyond the traditional canon of
German literature, and draw increasingly on methodologies elaborated by Anglo-
American cultural theorists which up to now have still had minimal impact in
Germany, for an interdisciplinary approach.

The course will aim to prepare students to make their own contribution to the
field of German cultural/gender studies by, first, investigating recent debates
around definitions of cultural studies, and examining what its disciplinary
building blocks and impediments might be special attention will be given to the
Frankfurt School theories of mass and avant-garde culture.  We will then examine
in some detail three sub-areas of contemporary Anglo-American cultural theory:
gender studies, masculinity studies, and queer theory, and study recent texts
that have begun to apply these theories to German culture.  Requirements can be
negotiated to meet course standards and students' needs and inclinations.  A
course reader will be available from Collegiate Copies in early January.  I'll
have a syllabus soon, so contact me if you want one ahead of time.