Spanish & Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 3955 | Fox

S331 The Hispanic World I (3 credits)
P: S310 or S311 or equivalent

This course introduces basic concepts of the study and critical
analysis of literature.  Emphasizing socio-historical context, the class
will study various representative texts of several genres (prose
narrative, poetry, film, theatre, essay).  Grading will be based on
outlines and/or short papers, a midterm, a class presentation, and a
longer final paper.  The class will be conducted in Spanish.  Active
and informed participation will contribute toward the final grade.

Credit given for only two of the following: S331, S332, S333.

Central text: Sylvan Barnet's "A Short Guide to Writing About
Literature" 7th edition (1996) Harper-Collins College Publishers.

S331   #3955       4:00-5:15P    TR    BH222      Prof. Patricia Fox