Spanish & Portuguese | The Hispanic World II
S332 | 3957 | Impey

S332 The Hispanic World II    (3 credits)
P: S331 or equivalent

This course will focus on the most important figures drawn from
Spanish literature: the hero, the "pícaro" and Don Juan.

Students are expected to read "Poema del mio Cid" in a modernized
edition, "Lazarillo de Tormes", "El burlador de Sevilla", and selected
romances.  In our close reading of these works we will give special
attention to:

1.  The historical and cultural circumstances in which
they were written:
2. The social/cultural milieux and the ethical/esthetic
values they reflect;
3. The main frames of thought and generic features they contain;
4. Pertinent questions of literary theory and interpretation;
5. A number of questions posed by the text such as "honra",
hero/antihero, the relationship between "moros" and
"cristianos", chivalry and kingship, etc.

The specific aim of the course is on the one hand to sharpen the literary
insight and widen the cultural horizons of the students and on the other
to improve their speaking and writing abilities in Spanish.  Students will
be evaluated on the basis of their participation in class, written
assignments, one paper, and two exams.

S332  #3957  1:00-2:15P  MW   BH139   Prof. Olga Impey