Spanish & Portuguese | Survey of Spanish Literature 2
S408 | 3960 | Bieder

S408 Survey of Spanish Literature 2   (3 credits) LITERATURE
P: S331 and S332

Topic: Love, Sex, and Marriage: Changing Cultural Representations
of Love from Spanish Romanticism to the Present.

A selection of readings from modern Spanish literature, including
narrative, drama and poetry. We will look at some of the
principal literary figures, such as Don Juan, and some of the
major themes of the Spanish literary tradition. Authors include
Bécquer, Unamuno, Lorca and women writers. Essay exams
at midterm and finals week. Analytical essays on the works studied.
Daily class discussion of the texts and occasional class presentations.
All readings, essays and  discussion in Spanish.

S408   #3960  2:30-3:45P  TR  BH322  Prof. Maryellen Bieder