Spanish & Portuguese | Spanish Culture & Civilization
S411 | 3961 | Sobrer

S411 Spanish Culture & Civilization (3 credits)  CULTURE
P: S275 or equivalent.

	How contemporary Spain came to be: a survey of the history
of Spain within its geography with particular attention to cultural
development: the arts.  A few moments or phenomena in this
development will be seen with some more detail: the medieval
background; the two faces of the Spanish empire of the XVI and
XVII centuries --the courage of conquest and the fear of plurality--;
the XIX century efforts to 'Europeanize' Spain; the role of Catalonia in
modern Spain; the challenges of the XXI century.
	Two exams, a short paper, and a formal class presentation will
be required and, along with active class participation, will form the basis
for the grade. The course will be conducted in Spanish and most course
materials will also be in Spanish.

NOTE: Above section carries culture studies credit and is highly
recommended for students who plan to go on the Overseas Studies
Madrid Academic Year program.

S411   #3961 1:00-2:15P  TR  BH138  Prof. Josep Sobrer