Spanish & Portuguese | Hispanic Poetry
S417 | 3963 | Dinverno

S417 Hispanic Poetry   (3 credits)     LITERATURE
P: S331 and S332

Poetry, The Poet, and Society

What is the connection between poetry and where and when it is
produced?  How does this genre, which is often thought of as so
far from the social fray, embody and speak precisely of its social
context?  How does poetry "get dirty"?

This course explores poetry as a site of literary and cultural
experimentation, a space that both articulates socio-cultural
issues and, at the same time, speaks more broadly of its own
relationship to society.  Problematizing the place of the poet
and poetry in Hispanic society, we will trace the radical shifts
that this relationship has undergone.  We will explore the
changes in the figure of the poet as storyteller/ singer/ historian
of the people, philosopher, marginal, bohemian, activist, and
intellectual elite.

Using the relationship between poet/poetry and society as a
frame, some of the issues that we will discuss are poetry as a
space for exploring gender, sexuality, race, and national identity,
the distinctions between "high"  and "low" culture, poetry as a
form of religious indoctrination and nation building, and issues of
censorship and subversion through poetic discourse.

The course evaluation will be based on a mix of class presentations,
reports, and final paper.

S417   #3963  8:00-9:15A  MW   BH135   Prof. Melissa Dinverno