Spanish & Portuguese | Spanish Enlightenment and Romanticism
S540 | 3974 | Sobrer

Professor Josep M. Sobrer
TR 9:30 -10:45 am 3 cr. section #3974
Ballantine Hall 148

During the eighteenth century Spain drifted from being the center of
an empire over which the sun never set to subsisting on the margins of
Europe with the wolf of bankruptcy at the door. Spanish culture, once
flamed by Faith, was now to be chilled by doubt if not by Reason. In
the following century, a new kind of fire would arise to rekindle
Spanish culture and attempt a synthesis between the Northern ideals
and the persistent Spanish traditionalism.

In this course we will study texts of the mid-modern period with an
eye to elucidating to what extent and in what form the European
movements known as Enlightenment and Romanticism affected Spanish
literary and intellectual life. We shall read work from the owlish
Feijoo, the Jesuitic Isla, the paternalist and necrophiliac Cadalso,
and a play by the Francophile Moratín; and the Romantics:
Espronceda, Larra, Gómez de Avellaneda, "FernÁn
Caballero" (Cecilia Bohl), and plays by the Duque de Rivas and
García Gutiérrez. Finally we will take an excursion to
the post-romantic writings of Bécquer and the Catalan Guimerą.

There will be two hourly exams, and students will work on a final
project which they will present orally to the class and on paper to
the professor.