History | A383 2736 Ragtime To Rap 9:05-9:55A TR WH100 McGerr
A383 | 2736 | Mcgerr M

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What can the lives and music of Bob Dylan, Scott Joplin, Bessie Smith, Jimmy
Rodgers, Patsy Montana, Louis Armstrong, Lydia Mendoza, James Brown, and
Queen Latifah tell us about modern America?  How can be-bop and hip-hop help
us to understand some of the critical issues in the history of the United
States?  This lecture course answers these questions by studying the ways in
which popular music has been tightly interwoven with American life from the
Gilded Age to the present.

Rather than an exercise in musicology or musical analysis, the class uses
the history of popular music to explore issues in the social, cultural,
political, and economic history of the modern United States.  Emphasizing
comparisons across time and space, we will examine a broad range of musical
cultures from the late nineteenth century to the present.