History | B378 2753 History of Germany Since 1648 2 2:30-3:45P MW BH103 Diehl
B378 | 2753 | Diehl J

	A portion of the above section reserved for majors
	Above section carries culture studies credit
	Above section meets with WEUR W405 and W605

This course will trace the history of Germany from 1870 to the present.  The
readings will consist of two texts, a novel, and a monographic study.  The
lectures will be topical in nature.  Among the topics that will be dealt
with in the course are: the unification of Germany under Prussian
leadership; the nature and problems of the Bismarckian Reich; Prussian
militarism and the outbreak of Wold War I; the impact of the First World War
on German society; the rise and fall of the Weimar Republic; the origins,
nature, and triumph of National Socialism; the domestic and foreign policies
of Hitler's Third Reich; World War II and Germany's defeat; and the postwar
division, reconstruction, and reunification of Germany.  The grade in the
course will be based on three written examinations: two mid-terms and a