History | E533 2777 Conflict In Southern Africa 11:15A-12:30P MW BH244 Martin
E533 | 2777 | Martin P

	Above section meets with HIST E333

The first democratic elections were held in South Africa in April 1994,
bringing an end to three centuries of white political domination.  The
country of South Africa and its neighbors-Mozambique, Namibia, Angola, and
Zimbabwe - are still grappling with the economic and social scars of this
colonial past although there is also an air of optimism.  This course will
look at the history of the region over the past three centuries with
emphasis on the economic and social history of African societies, their
relations with each other, resistance and accommodation to white rule,
industrialization, urbanization, and the struggle for liberation.  Readings
will cover the changing historiography of Southern Africa, important
monographs, edited works and articles.  Students can choose to write short
review essays or a mix of review essays and a paper on a subject relating to
individual interests.