History | F300 2758 Issues in Latin American History 7:00-9:00P TR BH138 Gould
F300 | 2758 | Gould J

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	Above section meets with LTAM L401, L501 and HIST T500

This seminar will look at race and ethnic relations in Latin America.  There
will be some effort to compare racism and ethnic conflict in Latin America
and the United States, but the main thrust will be to study Latin American
phenomena in historical perspective.  Specifically, we will focus on the
following areas: 1. Theories of race and racism in 20th century Latin
America.  In particular, we will focus on	Mestizaje (an ideology of
race mixing) as a unifying and excluding form of nationalism in Central
America and the Andes.  2. Indian-Ladino relations in Central America during
the 20th century.  We will look at key moments in the history of
state-Indian relations in Guatemala and at less overt forms of racism that
led to the destruction of indigenous communities in Nicaragua and
contemporary El Salvador.  3. Race relations in the Hispanic Caribbean.
Here we will look at Puerto Rico under U.S. rule and Cuba since the
revolution.  4. Race relations in contemporary Brazil.  Brazil is often held
up as a model of "racial democracy".  We will read and discuss about racism
in Brazil and about the comparisons that have been made with racism in the

This course will combine the main features of a seminar, especially an
emphasis on class discussions, with some elements of a small lecture course
(a 20-30 minute introductory lecture or film).  Students will be expected to
write two 5-7 page papers on selected topics and one research paper, on a
topic chosen in consultation with the professor.