History | F346 2761 Modern Mexico 2:30-3:45P TR BH340 Guardino
F346 | 2761 | Guardino P

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	Above section carries culture studies credit
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This course will introduce the major themes of Mexican social and political
history for the period from independence to the present day.  It will stress
social movements and their consequences in the making of modern Mexico.  We
will also pay particular attention to social history, including gender.  The
course is designed to introduce students to historical analysis and writing.
It will emphasize the critical evaluation of materials produced by others as
well as the combination of information and insights from diverse sources to
answer questions.

We will use the textbook El Gran Pueblo, by William Beezley and Colin
MacLachlan, but we will also read other works, including the novel The Book
of Lamentations by Rosario Castellanos, Judith Adler Hellman's Mexican
Lives, Mary Kay Vaughn and Heather Fowler Salamini's collection of essays,
Women of the Mexican Countryside, Fanny Calderon's memoir Life In Mexico,
and John Womack's Rebellion In Chiapas.

Students will complete two essay exams and write two short papers.

Credit not given for both F346 and LTAM400.