History | H102 2655 World in 20th Century Since 1945 1:25-2:15P TR WH101 Riley
H102 | 2655 | Riley J

		Above section open to freshmen and sophomores only
	Above section carries Culture Studies Credit.
	Above section open to education majors only.

Four questions drive this course: How do people cope with forces that try to
control them, such as authoritarian governments?  Why aren't all countries
rich? Why do so many people in other countries feel antagonized by the US,
our foreign policy, and our culture?  Has modern science done more good or
harm to mankind?  We'll pursue answers to these questions by reading some
fascinating books, and following lectures and discussion sections dealing
with such topics as independence movements in Africa, Japan's economic
miracle, the Vietnam War, and the rise of nuclear energy and weapons.  Essay
exams, brief papers, and regular discussion of course topics.