History | H615 2786 Colloq-Early Mod West Eur Hist 7:00-9:00P M BH235 Field
H615 | 2786 | Field A

	Topic: classics in early modern historiography
	A portion of the above section reserved for majors

This colloquium will focus on some classics in Early Modern historiography,
including Hans Baron, Burckhardt, Cassirer, Christopher Hill, Huizinga,
Panofsky, and Weber.  We shall also look at some more recent, and widely
read, texts such as Norman Cohn, Robert Darnton, Natalie Davis, Carlo
Ginzburg, Tony Grafton, and David Warren Sabean.  Each participant in the
colloquium is expected to complete some nine or ten two-page analytical
papers on the works assigned and to present these to the class.  There will
be no other assignments or exams.