History | H695 2789 Colloquium In African History 4:00-6:00P M PV270 Martin
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	Topic: African Women
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The historiography of African women has in many ways followed the grand
trends in African history of the last four decades.  In the 1960s, women
were truly "hidden" and only a few important individuals (e.g. queen
mothers, traders) were to be found in the literature.  In the 1970s - 1980s,
radical historians broadened the literature in a social history mode and
life histories were important in documenting the lives of "ordinary" women.
Most recently, gender and cultural studies have been influential in new
directions of research.  During the first two-thirds of the semester, we
will read some of the important monographs, edited collections and articles
that exemplify these themes.  In the last third of the semester, class
members will prepare a review essay on a theme which reflects their
individual interests.