History | H720 2791 Sem Mod West European History 3:35-5:35P M BH141 Efron
H720 | 2791 | Efron J

	Topic: German-Jewish history
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German Jews made defining innovations in Jewish life.  At the same time,
they also contributed to general western culture to a degree
disproportionate to their numbers.  No other Jewish community has had such a
profound impact on both Jewish and European civilizations concurrently.
This seminar is designed to introduce students to some of the major themes
concerning the history of the Jews in Germany from the eighteenth to the
twentieth centuries.  We will do some readings together for the first few
weeks, as a prelude to students going off and writing research papers on
topics worked out in consultation with the instructor.  We will then
reconvene as a group to critique these efforts.