History | H740 2794 Sem In Russian History 4:00-6:00P T BH001 Ransel
H740 | 2794 | Ransel D

	Topic: modern Russian history
	A portion of the above section reserved for majors

I have made the chronological scope of the course long so that students
wishing to do research in any period of modern Russian history will be able
to do so.  The readings for the course will, however, focus on new studies
of the imperial period and their conceptual antecedents in European or
American historiography.  The readings serve to suggest topical and
conceptual approaches that students may wish to adopt for their own

The principal objective of the course will be the production of a research
paper.  In addition to the readings for class discussion already mentioned,
students will turn in each week a short writing assignment designed to
facilitate their work toward producing the research paper, for example, a
preliminary bibliography, outline, first paragraph, concluding paragraph.