History | H750 2795 Seminar In U.S. History 5:30-7:30P W BH141 Friedman
H750 | 2795 | Friedman L

	Topic: American philanthropy
	A portion of the above section reserved for majors
The seminar requires some background in American history and culture but no
special knowledge about  philanthropy.

In the first part of the semester, we shall review classics in the history
of philanthropy such as Federalist Paper #10, the abbreviated version of
Tocqueville's Democracy In America, Jane Adams 20 Years At Hull House,
Andrew Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth, and WEB DuBois Souls of Black Folk.

In the second part of the semester, each student shall prepare a paper based
largely on primary sources concerning an important subject in philanthropy.
The paper can involve America or another area of the world.  Parts of the
research process will be discussed weekly in the seminar.  For a great many
graduate students in past years, this paper has led to a third semester
review essay, dissertation topic, or a publication.