History | H765 2797 Sem In Latin American History 4:00-6:00P M BH221 James
H765 | 2797 | James D

	Topic: special themes in political and social history of 19th & 20th

	century Latin America
	A portion of the above section reserved for majors
	Above section meets with LTAM L501

This course chooses a number of themes from 19th and 20th century Latin
American history.  Its primary goals are twofold.  It aims to introduce the
student to the study of subaltern social and political movements that are
important if often understudied in the conventional national narratives of
post Independence Latin America.  It also introduces the student to an array
of historiographical issues and polemics drawn from wider literatures.
Themes included range from the study of Mayan resistance within the henequen
economy of 19th century Yucatan, the nature of Argentine anarchism as a
social movement to the study of banditry and millenarian movements in the
north-east of Brazil.  Emphasis will be placed on integrating the study of
the specific literatures of these historical phenomena with the broader
historiographical literatures associated with these themes.  Thus, for
example, the study of banditry and millenarianism will focus on the
comparative works produced on these themes in non-Latin American contexts,
introducing the student to the debates surrounding the issues of social
banditry and the nature of millenarian movements.