History | J200 2727 Philanthropy In American Culture 4:00-6:00P T BH018 Friedman
J200 | 2727 | Friedman L

	Above section COAS intensive writing section and also requires
	registration in COAS W333
	Above section limited to freshmen, sophomores and juniors

The course shall provide an historic overview of American philanthropy -
voluntary service, voluntary giving, and voluntary organizations.  We shall
consider the religious and political contexts of philanthropy, issues
involving ethnicity and gender, debates over ethics and accountability of
philanthropic activities, and additional questions suggested by student
interest.  There shall be a seminar format with considerable discussion but
few formal lectures.  Reading shall largely involve article literature and
Robert Bremner's classic American Philanthropy. Finally, the course shall
involve a very modest service learning component, with a small amount of
community volunteer work of the student's choice.