History | J400 2766 Great Depression In History & Film 4:00-6:00P T BH235 Bodnar
J400 | 2766 | Bodnar J

	J400: for history majors only
	Above section COAS intensive writing section and also
	requires registration in COAS W333

This course will examine the history of the economic depression that marked
the United States in the 1930's.  It will look at historical literature that
explains the events and the politics of the times, but it will study more
extensively the films of the era.  The intellectual goal of the course is to
move beyond the historic record and attempt to understand how Hollywood
films of the thirties interpreted the Great Depression. These feature films
offered numerous viewpoints of what was happening to them during these hard

The course is a seminar.  Reading, discussion and film analysis will take
the place of the traditional lecture.  Grades will be based on writing
assignments that will ask student to examine both historical literature and
film.  Books that will be read and discussed may include James N. Gregory,
American Exodus: the Dust Bowl Migration and Okie Culture in California;
Robert S. McElvaine, The Great Depression: America 1929-1941; and Woody
Guthrie, Bound for Glory.  Films that will be studied will include Heroes
for Sale, Marked Woman, You Can't Take It With You, and the Grapes of Wrath.