History | J400 2767 Law, Crime & Deviance In The U.S. 2:30-3:45P TR BH137 Dwyer
J400 | 2767 | Dwyer E

	J400: for history majors only
	Above section COAS intensive writing section and also
	requires registration in COAS  W333

Legal definitions of crime changes over time, as do social perceptions of
deviance.  This course will use six or seven specific episodes or problems
(ranging from lynching to the Sacco and Venzetti case to serial homicide) to
illuminate the interaction of law, crime and deviance in the late-nineteenth
and twentieth-century United States.

Readings will include three or four core paperbacks, plus a collection of
essays and excerpts from monographs.  There will be weekly one-page
critiques, plus a final paper based on original research in primary sources.
For more information, contact dwyer@indiana.edu.