History | W300 2730 Conquerors&Conquered:Mod. Emp. 2:30-3:45P MW BH244 Prestia/Richter
W300 | 2730 | Prestia J/richter J

	Topic: The Conquerors and the conquered: modern empires.
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In this course we will examine various aspects of the expansion,
administration, and decline of global empires over the past two centuries.
Although we will pay particular attention to the empires of West European
countries, we will also consider examples from other parts of the globe.
Readings, lectures, and discussions will focus on various themes related to
imperial expansion, including domestic and international politics, economic
interests, the meaning of empires in the formation of modern national
identities, and the social and cultural impact that imperialism has had both
on those engaged in imperial conquest and the peoples who were subjugated to
another's authority.  We will discuss political structures and social
institutions as well as the ways imperialism affected everyday life.
Finally, we will address the topic of neocolonialism and think about the
ways in which remnants of empires can still be seen in current political,
social, and economic relations.

The course will be divided roughly into three periods.  The first will cover
the era from 1815 through the treaties ending World War I.  The second will
consist of the interwar years and World War II.  The third will consider
issues of empire, decolonization, and neocolonialism since 1945.  In order
to gain an understanding of the various ways in which historians and other
scholars have examined the question of imperialism, students will be
expected to complete weekly readings and to attend class regularly.  In
addition, they will participate in one group presentation, take three exams
(two midterms and a final), and write an eight-to-ten page research paper on
a topic chosen in consultation with the instructors.  Students who have
questions about the class may contact the instructors by email (jprestia or