Honors | Classical Art and Archaeology
C206 | 0973 | Klein, N.

Classical Art and Archaeology, presents an introduction to the Greek and
Roman World by exploring the material culture of these civilizations.
Students will learn the techniques of modern archaeology so as to gain an
understanding of how the discipline has created a valuable perspective on
ancient society. They will also look at the most important works of
ancient art in the context of the cultures which created them. The class
will begin with the prehistoric origins of Greek culture in the Aegean and
continue with the rise of the Greek city and the panhellenic sanctuaries.
A survey of Roman archaeology will trace the development of the Roman
empire from its Greek and Etruscan forerunners. Class lectures will be
accompanied by slide and video

There are no prerequisites.

Textbook: W. Biers, The Archaeology of Greece.
The honors division of C206 will meet for an additional weekly discussion
section. These meetings are intended to provide a forum for selected
topics, including archaeological methodology, ethics and the modern
archaeologist, and current research in the Mediterranean, and for visits
to the collection of the Indiana University Art Museum.

Honors students will be required to attend the discussion section and
write a 5-7 page research paper.