Honors | Law and Order in Cyberspace
E104 | 0112 | Herbert, S.

Social life is increasingly taking place on line. Electronic mail,
bulletin boards, discussion groups, on-line shopping, and multi-user
dungeons are all becoming a part of many people's everyday activities.
Given the pace of technological change, this is a trend that will continue
for the foreseeable future.

It is unclear, at this point, just how different life in cyberspace will
be from life in the "real" world. One area of increased attention,
however, is the challenge of regulating deviant and criminal behavior
on-line. Concerns about child pornography, hacking, copyright
infringement, fraud, and the loss of privacy fuel heated debates about the
future of cyberspace and its control.

In this course, we will address a central question-How can order be
created in the growing world of cyberspace? We will address this question
in three steps. First, we will examine social order and investigate how it
is created, in both formal and informal ways. Second, we will explore the
world of cybersociety, and consider how it is similar to and different
from life in the "real" world. Third, we will consider some of the more
significant examples of wrongdoing in cyberspace and investigate the
challenges the legal system faces in trying to respond to those
activities. In so doing, we will consider questions of fundamental
consequence to democratic societies, including the right of government
agencies to restrict free expression.