Honors | American History II
H106 | 2705 | Katz, I.

Class meetings will occur twice-weekly for the lectures and once-weekly in
discussion sections. Lectures are geared to the political, economic,
constitutional, and social bases of American history from the Civil War to
the present, stressing such events, eras, and movements as Reconstruction,
political and tariff reform, populism, industrialization, the Progressive
movement, urbanization and immigration, the 1929 depression, the New Deal,
two world wars, and significant issues and people of the last four

Discussion sections may focus on conflicting historical interpretations.
Two 50-minute essay exams plus a two-hour final essay exam for the
semester, with each exam covering roughly l/3 of the assigned literature
and lectures.

Final grades will be based (roughly) on a general average of exam
performance, with some evaluation of student's participation in discussion