Honors | Ideas & Experience - Modern
H212 | 0003 | Gubar, E.

Who are we?
How do we know?
Where are we going?
How will we get there?

Appropriate questions for the beginning of a new century.

Perhaps we can find some "answers" by reading some writers from the past
few centuries (as well as a dollop of Plato).

Directed discussion format (I talk, you talk, we listen.)  Five to seven
short papers. No exams.

Readings will come from the following list:

Plato, selections
Rousseau, Discourse on Inequality
Freud, Civilization and its Discontents
Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil
Marx, The Portable Karl Marx
Arnold, Culture and Anarchy
Douglas, Purity and Danger
Sontag, On Photography
Said, Orientalism
Morrison, Beloved
LeGuin, The Dispossessed
Berger, G
Lessing, Golden Notebook