Honors | The Computer in Business
K201 | 0028 | Miller, B.

Technology is radically altering the world's economic landscape. We see
startup companies and industries emerging to ride the waves of change and
at the same time see older, established organizations reorganizing,
regrouping and redefining themselves to keep from being washed away! How
do these forces affect you as future employees, employers, and/or business
owners? What do you need to know in order to make efficient and effective
decisions where technology is concerned? This special offering of K201
will examine and explore the powerful technological forces at work in
society today and assist students in developing essential analytical and
problem-solving skills as they relate to technology. The course will
provide students with the ability not only to analyze and solve problems
as they relate to today's technological challenges, but also to apply
these same analytical and problem-solving skills to technological
challenges yet to come. Students will be required to solve real world
business problems using the most popular business tools (Excel, Access,
Netscape, etc.). Additionally, students are required to integrate these
problem-solving skills with the conceptual segment of the course, which
centers on the role of technology in the modern business enterprise.
Because of its strong business orientation, this course is intended for
students entering the Kelley School of Business.