Honors | Introduction to Fiction
L204 | 1940 | Rieselbach, H.

In this section of L204 we read a variety of short stories and five or six
novels, mostly written by Americans. These works focus on current problems
such as race relations and tensions between the sexes. We discuss various
critical strategies for approaching the study of fiction, but your own
personal response to the works is of prime concern. There will be six
papers of 4-6 pages each, and there will be occasional in-class writing
assignments. These in-class writings will be very informal and occupy only
a few moments of our time. Students will be asked to lead class
discussions, in groups of two or three, and to participate actively in all
class meetings. I haven't made final text selections, but we'll read works
by Henry James, Faulkner, Toni Morrison, Ralph Ellison, and Tim O'Brien.