Honors | Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
L303 | 2886 | Fowler, G.

Textbook: Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language &
Linguistics. 6th ed.  One Xeroxed article, to be provided by instructor
toward the end of the course.

Course Goals:
1. A sharper understanding of the nature and structure of language, as
well as an enhanced appreciation for the range of linguistic phenomena
that occur in a selection of different languages.
2. Skill at organizing linguistic data, solving linguistic problems, and
thinking about language in scientific terms.
3. Preparation for continued study of linguistics in the central
analytical areas of phonology, morphology, and syntax.

Course Structure: The course consists of one weekly "one-hour" lecture (=
50 minutes) plus two weekly sessions in a discussion group. Generally,
lectures will frame the broader concepts and underpinnings for the
linguistic analysis we do. Discussion sessions will provide hands-on
experience at dealing with data and solving problems, as well as more
detailed discussion of certain specific issues. Within the discussion
sessions we will work both as a group (doing sample data analysis and
reviewing assigned problems) and in small group 3-4 students. The make-up
of groups will be rotated every few weeks to create fresh interpersonal
General readings for a given week will be assigned to be completed by the
Monday lecture. Specific readings relating to the topic of a particular
discussion session will be assigned for those days. Discussion sessions
will work with problems assigned in assigned textbook sections,
occasionally with problems from unassigned sections, and sometimes with
outside materials supplied by the instructor.
During the law two weeks of the semester students will read and discuss a
published research article dealing in detail with a major analytical issue
dealt with in the class. The final written assignment will be based on
this article.

Assignment and Grading: There will be three in-class midterm exams (taken
in discussion sessions), an in-class final exam, and weekly individual
written homework assignments.  All assignments are mandatory, and no
scores will be dropped. Generally, homework assignments will be worth
approximately 10 points apiece, midterm exams 100 points, and the final
200 points.  However, certain assignments or exams may b worth slightly
more or fewer points, depending on how things work out. Assuming the
tentative point values mentioned above, your grade will be determined as

120 points	Cumulative homework assignments
300 		Cumulative midterm exams
200		Final exam
620 points	Total points possible

A   =   93%  = 576 points	C   =   73%   = 452
A-  =   90%  = 558		C-  =   70%   = 432
B+  =   87%  = 539		D+  =   67%   = 415
B   =   83%  = 514		D   =   63%   = 390
B-  =   80%  = 496		D-  =   60%   = 370
C+  =   77%  = 477		F   =   lower