Honors | Introduction to Macroeconomics - Honors
S202 | 1655 | Gardner, R.

This course is the sequel to S201 (or E201). If that material is a little
rusty, you should warm up by reading chapters 1, 2, and 4 right away. In
this course, we look at the economy of an entire nation-most of the time,
that nation is the USA-how that economy functions, and how it relates to
the rest of the world. This means we get to ask some really big questions,
like-Why is the unemployment rate 4.6%? Why is the inflation rate 2.2%?
Why is Gross Domestic Product $8 trillion? What was the Great Depression
and can it happen again? Why is $1 worth 125 Japanese yen? Why is the
federal budget $1.6 trillion and why doesn't it balance? Why is gold worth
less than $300/oz.? We will answer all these questions and more. Besides
reading the text, students will be expected to read a reputable daily
newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal. You will get more out of this
course if you attend class regularly.

Evaluation based on 1000 point scale: 3 examinations (750 points), 12
weekly homework sets (180 points), participation (70  points). You may
work in small groups on the homework sets. No credit for late homework.
There will be one extra credit opportunity.