Honors | Honors Course in Analysis II
S414 | 3081 | --

This course covers elementary metric space topology and its application to
the study of functions of a single variable, especially continuity,
differentiability, and Reimann integrability. The emphasis will be on the
construction of a completely systematic and rigorous theory, rather than
on exploring the more computational aspects, as occur in elementary
calculus courses. One of the most important goals of this course is to get
students to discover and write clear, correct proofs. This is the essence
of creative mathematics! Students will get a great deal of practice
formulating and writing their solutions to theoretical problems, and this
writing will be evaluated and graded carefully. These problems will count
for a substantial portion of the course grade. There will be three
noncumulative exams; the purpose of these is to insure that students
review and synthesize the material, rather than to test their ability to
think creatively under pressure. For this reason, evening exams will be
given, and ample time will be allowed. The most important prerequisites
for S413 are a demonstrated success in third-year mathematics courses,
especially S312 and S303, and a talent for thinking creatively and
rigorously in abstract contexts. Interested students should contact the
instructor or the undergraduate advisor for further information. The
professors research interests include applied mathematics, fluid
mechanics, and numerical mathematics. He was recently awarded an IU
distinguished teaching award.