Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Brazilian Jui-jitsu (1 cr)
E100 | 6154 | --


CLASS MEETING: 2 fifty minute periods per week

Instruction in basic ground fighting techniques of throwing, joint locks,
chokes, and self-defense.  Students should achieve the technical skill level
to be able to handle a fight that ends upon the ground.

To learn basic foundation skills for ground fighting
To hone those skills to perfection
To develop your sensitivity while working with different sizes of partners
To be able to handle an attacker in a real fight

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) unexcused absences.  Upon a
fourth absence, the student has three (3) options.
1.  Receive a grade of F;
2.  Officially withdraw from the course;
3.  Follow an appeal procedure through the instructor and/or the Elective
Program Coordinator.

Grades will be determined as follows:
1.  1 written exam    (30%)
2.  2 skills exams   (70%)

Attendance will be a factor in determining your grade only if you miss more
than three (3) classes.

Each student is required to have a martial arts uniform.  No shoes will be
worn during class time.  Socks can be worn.  Women should wear a tee shirt
under their uniform jacket.  You should have a uniform at the start of the
third week of class.