Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Technique of Stress Reduction (1 cr)
E100 | 6156-6157 | --

CLASS MEETINGS: Two fifty minute periods per week

Designed to give students an increased understanding and an appreciation of
the art of meditation.
Content emphasis involves a survey and an introduction to different systems
of meditation.
Includes preparatory breathing and stretching and relaxation exercises.
Emphasis will be on
exploring and eventually establishing a suitable personal meditative
practice geared toward each
student's physical and mental development.  Systems introduced will include
Chi Gong, Silva
Mind Development, Relaxation and Stress Reduction, Zen, and others.  This
class will not have a
religious or spiritual component to it.  It is designed to help the student
to find a method that
works best for them.  Required: Regular attendance plus paper or journal of
your meditative

Students are allowed a maximum of 3 absences.  Upon a fourth absence the
student has 3 options:
1.   Receive a grade of F;
2.   Officially withdraw from the course;
3.   Follow an appeal procedure through the instructor and/or the Elective

Your grade in this class will be determined through quizzes, a meditation
journal and
participation.  Attendance will be a factor in determining your grade only
if you miss more than
three (3) classes.  If you have any questions about how your grade will be
determined please feel
free to contact your instructor.

Each student should wear to class loose fitting, comfortable clothing.  No
shoes will be worn
during class time.