Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Folk Dance (1 cr)
E131 | 6239 | Staff

CLASS MEETING: 90 minute period once a week

This course will focus on line and couple dances from Bulgaria, Croatia,
Greece, Hungary, Israel,
Macedonia, the Roma (Gypsies) and Serbia, and depending upon student
interest and time
contraints may include basic forms of couple dances such as the waltz,
schottis, and swing.  Each
class will include instruction of approximately from 3-6 dances, plus
extensive review with
relevant commentary on political, historical and cultural themes.

Students will acquire fluency in the basic vocabulary of movements used in
folk dances, and most
popular dances.  They will acquire confidence in their ability to dance and
will be at ease on any
dance floor.  Above all, students will learn how to learn dances, any dance,
efficiently and easily.

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) unexcused absences.  Upon a
fourth absence a
student has three (3) options:
1.   Receive a grade of F;
2.   Officially withdraw from the class;
3.   Follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/or the Elective

1 true/false test        10%
1 multiple choice test        10%
Skills test              50%
Attendance               30%
S/F Grading