Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Judo (1 cr.)
E149 | 6259 | --

Two fifty minute periods per week.

Basic instruction in judo foundation skills of throwing, grappling, and
self-defense.  Students should achieve the technical skill level of yellow
belt.  Judo uniform required.

A.	To provide a knowledge, an understanding and an appreciation of the
physical and mental fundamentals required to participate in the sport of

B.	To help develop a degree of proficiency that will enable the student
to participate with satisfaction in the sport of judo.

C.	To orient the student to an activity which brings about many changes
in body physiology and movement such as:

	1.	Change in body position for purposes of mechanical
	2.	Change in one's muscle tone and muscle definition..
	3.	Change in one's heart rate and respiratory rate..
	4.	Change in one's natural reactions when falling.

D.	To provide an opportunity to develop mental abilities by requiring
the exercise of the powers of judgment, reasoning, imagination, and
thoughtful deliberation..

E.	To develop in each individual a positive attitude towards the sport
of judo..

F.	To encourage judo as a lifetime activity..

G.	To provide an understanding of how the principles of judo and body
dynamics are applied when performing the skills of judo..

H.	To provide an awareness of the many factors which contribute to
making judo a relatively safe sport.

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth absence
the student has three (3) options:  (1) receive a grade of "F", (2)
officially withdraw from the course, (3) follow an appeal procedure through
(1st) their instructor, then (2nd) the Martial Arts Coordinator and (3rd)
the Director of the Basic Instructional Program.

Your grade in this class will be determined as follows:
	1.	One written exam  (30%)
	2.	Two skills exams  (70%)
	Attendance will be a factor in determining your grade only if you
miss more than three (3) classes.  If you have any questions about how your
grade will be determined please feel free to contact your instructor.

SPECIAL SUPPLIES:  Judo uniform...
Each student is required to have a Judo uniform.  No shoes will be worn
during class time.  It is alright to wear socks.  Women should wear a
T-Shirt under their uniform jacket.  All students should have their uniform
by the start of the third week of classes.

Burns and Thompson:  An Introduction to Judo for Student and Teacher,
Kendall/Hunt, 1976.
(Copies of the text can be purchased at Collegiate Copies on Third Street).

If you wish to study Judo outside of class time you are invited to join the
I.U. Judo Club.  The Judo Club meets from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every
Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in
095 of the HPER Building.  All students are welcome.

	1.	History and philosophy..
	2.	Judo terms..
	3.	Wearing the judogi (uniform)..
	4.	Principles of judo..
	5.	Customs and courtesies..
	6.	Mechanical principles..
	7.	Principles of throwing..
	8.	Principles of grappling..
	9.	Elements of a throw..

	1.	Bowing - standing, kneeling..
	2.	Proper way to stand and sit..
	3.	Posture - natural and defensive..
	4.	Fundamentals of gripping the uniform..
	5.	Fundamentals of moving - forward, backward, right, and
	6.	Falling - back and side, position of landing, and the
forward rollout..
	7.	Grappling techniques - body control, base of support..
	8.	Methods of escaping a holding technique..

	1.	Ogoshi (major hip throw)
	2.	Kubi-nage (neck throw)..
	3.	Ippon-seoi-nage (one-arm should throw)..
	4.	Morote-seoi-nage (two-arm shoulder throw)..
	5.	Tsurikomi-goshi (lift-pull hip throw)..
	6.	Sode-tsurikomi-goshi (sleeve lift-pull hip throw)..