Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Beginning Jazz Dance (1 cr)
E156 | 6276 | Hamm

One fifty minute period two times per week.

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) unexcused absences.  Upon a
fourth absence the
student has three (3) options:
1.  receive a grade of F;
2.  officially withdraw from the course;
3.  follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/or the Elective
Program Coordinator.

An introduction to the modern jazz style of movement as it integrates with
sound biomechanical
principles.  Phrasing, dynamics, and other qualities will be discussed.

At the conclusion of the course, each student should be able to:

1.   Demonstrate an understanding of correct postural alignment on a written
2.   Perform the warm-up sequence from memory.
3.   Demonstrate performance mastery of three movement combinations based on
selected jazz
4.   Demonstrate select temporal, spatial, dynamic elements in the
aforementioned combinations.

A.        Attendance

Attendance and active participation (mental as well as physical)
participation is crucial to
the student's success in this course.  Three absences may be used
at the student's
discretion.  On the fourth absence (and any thereafter), the
student may be asked to
withdraw from the course.

B.        Dress

	Leotards, tights, unitards, bike pants, and/or jazz pants
may be worn.  Tennis shoes of jazz
	shoes that have been used for indoor activity only, may also be
worn.  Do not wear large
	 earrings or necklaces.  DO NOT CHEW GUM.  Long hair should be worn
up or should
	 be tied back.  Students will need to invest in a pair of knee pads.

C.   	Written Assignments - 10

	 Each student is required to attend and submit a written
critique, of one dance performance this semester.  Students may select a
Bloomington community, Indianapolis, university, or hometown performance, to

Guidelines will be provided.  Critiques should be typewritten,
double-spaced, and submitted
WITHIN ONE WEEK of the performance.  (10 points)

D.   Performance Exams - 75

Each student will be evaluated on the performance mastery of three
combinations based on technique and/or material presented in
class.  In addition, the
student will also be evaluated on the warm-up sequence.  Each
combination, including the
warm-up sequence, is worth (25 points) each.

E.   Written Exams - 50

There will be two objective examinations which will include
material from class,
hand-outs, discussion, readings, and/or technique analysis.  (50

There will be two objective examinations which will include material from
class, hand-out,
discussion, readings, and/or technique analysis.  (50 points)

1.   The first exam will consist of jazz dance history from the
era through 1980's.  Notes on reserve in HPER Library
(027).  (25 points)
2.   The second exam will consist of dance terminology.  Technique
analysis and alignment.  (25 points)


.93% of 135  =    A's    (126 -135)
.86% of 135  =    B's    (116 -125)
.79% of 135  =    C's    (106 -115)
.70% of 135  =    D's    (  96 -105)