Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Swimming-Non Swimmer (1 cr)
E168 | 6296-6297 | Staff

Meets one 50 minute period two times per week for the entire semester.

In this course, you will learn the basics of water safety and various
swimming strokes.

You are required to bring a swim suit and a towel.  Goggles, caps, and hair
ties are optional (but

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon the fourth
absence, the student has
three (3) options:
1. receive a grade of F;
2. officially withdraw from the course;
3. follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/of the Elective
Program Coordinator.

In this course, there are two grade scales.  Grades will be given to you
depending upon which
scale provides the higher grade.
*Scale I:   Grade is based on individual performance (laps swum)
*Scale II:  Grade is based on individual improvement throughout the semester
Timed swims will be during the second meeting of each week, starting the 1st
week of classes and
finishing the 6th week.

Timed swims cannot be made up.  Attendance is mandatory.

Scale I                                 Scale II
A      81+                        13% improvement
A-     75-80                     11% improvement
B+    68-74                      09% improvement
B      63-67                      07% improvement
B-     57-62                      05% improvement
C+    51-56                      03% improvement
C      up to 51                  up to 3% improvement

Week      1   2    3     4      5    6

Time will 5   7   10   15   20   25
swim in minutes