Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Yoga I (1 cr)
E190 | 6318-6323 | Staff

Sections 6318, 6319, and 6320 meet one 50 minute period two times per week
for the
entire semester.

Sections 6321, 6322 and 6323 meets one hour and forty minutes one time per
week for the entire

Designed to give students an increased understanding and an appreciation of
the art of Yoga.
Content emphasis involves an introduction to stretching, strengthening,
balancing, and relaxation.
Breathing exercises are also employed to facilitate the meditative and
concentrated effects of the
postures.  A progression of asians (exercises) along with some historical
and philosophical
commentary will provide the student with a basic grounding in this ancient.
Asian Indian system
of mental and physical fitness.

REQUIRED:  Regular attendance plus paper or journal of your yoga or
meditative experience.

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth absence
the student has
three (3) options:
1. receive a grade of F;
2. officially withdraw from the course;
3. follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/or the Elective
Program Coordinator.

Graded on S/F basis only.