Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Intermediate Fencing (1 cr)
E227 | 6346-6347 | Staff

E127 or permission of instructor

Meets one 50 minute period two times per week

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth absence
the student has
three (3) options:
1.  receive a grade of F;
2.  officially withdraw from the course;
3.  follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/or the Elective
Program Coordinator.
NOTE: Class missed due to a documented illness, doctor dentist or eye
appointment, or death in
the family may be made up.  Make-ups are limited to one per student, and
must be approved by
the instructor.  No exceptions will be made.  Tardiness and early leaving
from the class will not be
tolerated.  For each occurrence a half absence will be given.

Instruction of advanced offensive and defensive, as well as, strategy skills
that will introduce foil
fencing at a competitive level.  Optional basic instruction in epee and
sabre fencing

Upon successful completion of this course each student will be able to:
A.        Explain and show the major characteristics of foil, epee and sabre
B.        Demonstrate advanced level foil fencing necessary to complete in
an official fencing
C.        Officiate fencing bouts as a judge or director and be able to
apply the rules of fencing from
this perspective.
D.        (optional) perform basic epee or sabre fencing.

Grades in this course will be determined from three areas:
20%  3-5 page paper due week of December 1, 1997
45%  individual fencing lessons, fencing bouts/tournament
25%  Attendance

No text has been ordered for this course.  However, reading material will be
handed out or placed
on reserve in the HPER library and reading assignments may be given during
class meetings.
Fencing foils, jackets, and masks are provided.  A glove for the fencing
hand is highly
recommended - especially when sabre or epee instruction is chosen.

Fencing is a martial art, and as such, it is based on self-control and
decorum.  When in class, all
students are expected to conduct themselves as athletes with the highest
level of sportsmanship
and pride.  Individuals acting inappropriately will be asked to leave class
and dealt with on an
individual basis.  Inappropriate behavior is defined as any behavior that is
dangerous to others in
the class or considered sexual or racial harassment as defined in the
Student Code of Ethics.

FEE: Special fee of $10.00 charged