Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Intermediate Racquetball (1 cr)
E259 | 6361 | Staff

One 50 minute period two times per week for the entire semester.

Above two sections meet at New Student Recreational Sports & Aquatic Center

Review of beginning skills, rules and terminology and techniques for
singles, cut-throat and
doubles play.  Emphasis on executing skills in match situations.  Class
emphasizes strategies
including court position, offensive play, defensive play, serve, and return
of serve.

This course should enable you to:
1.  demonstrate the proper techniques and footwork for the serves, backwall
play, ceiling play,
volley, passing shots, kill shot, and pinch shot;
2.  demonstrate a working knowledge of scoring procedures and rules of play;
3.  demonstrate knowledge of terms, safety considerations, and etiquette of
the game of

Racquets and goggles are available for check-out.  Students are encouraged
to bring their own
racquet and goggles.  GOGGLES ARE MANDATORY!  Each student must supply one
can of
new balls for use in the class.  Students MUST wear court shoes.
Black-soled running shoes,
sandals, and street shoes are not permitted.

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth
absence, the student has
three (3) options:
1.  receive a grade of F;
2.  officially withdraw from the class;
3.  follow an appeal procedure with the instructor and/or the Elective
Program Coordinator.

Your final grade in E259 Intermediate Racquetball will be computed according
to your
performance on skill proficiency tests (70%) and a written knowledge test