Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Advanced Tap Dance (1 cr)
E354 | 6389 | Radecki


To continue to explore the intricacies of rhythm tap through routines,
challenge days and
improvisational exercises such as trading eights and experimenting with
counterpoint rhythms.  It
is hoped that student will develop confidence in their abilities to create
rhythmic patterns, as well
as the skills to execute them.  An emphasis will also be made on learning
how to be expressive as
a dancer and develop a personal style.  A final project, the creation of
your own routine is
required of all students, to be performed the last week of classes.

GRADING:    Letter based

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth absence
the student has
three (3) options:
1.   Receive a grade of F
2.   Officially withdraw from the course;
3.   Follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/of Elective
Program Coordinator.