Applied Health Science
Instructor: Deborah Lewis Fravel, PhD, Poplars 615, 855-4019, email dfravel
Textbooks: (1) Gross, H.E., & Sussman M.B. (Eds.) (1997). Families and Adoption. New York: Haworth Press. * (2) Anthology of photocopies articles and chapters.

This course offers students an understanding of dynamics in adoptive family systems, examining risks and opportunities for birth parents, birth familis, adopted persons, adoptive parents, and other members of adoptive families. Current research and theor y provide a framework for learning about issues related to adoption. The course will specifically address diversity, including diversity of behavior, composition and cultural influence. Students will examine processes and reciprocal relationships within adoptive family networks, and the mutual interdependencies between these networks and their environments. Grades are earned through a combination of active class participation, tests, and a course project related to adoption.