Applied Health Science
Prerequisites: Authorization of Instructor
Instructor: Kathleen Gilbert, Ph.D., Rm 619 Poplars, 855-5209;
Required Texts: none

Course Description: This course is intended to give you the opportunity to lead a discussion group in family process. In past semesters, you may have had the chance to participate in the class as students. Some of you have had previous experience in leading discussion groups. This semester, we will be approaching this somewhat differently. We'll be intermixing discussion with lecture and will be staying in the large lecture hall to do this. We will also incorporate a different form of communication, one in which students communicate with each other over long distances, at different universities, at different life stages.

Course Requirements:
Students are required to attend the Tues. class each week and lead discussion in a small group and to attend the Thursday staff meeting.

Students will assist in administrative tasks for the course and will monitor their group members' participation on a web conferencing site.

Final Grade:
Grade is based on regular attendance, leading of discussion group, (50%) accurate record keeping and other administrative tasks (50%).