Applied Health Science
Prerequisites: Junior Standing
Instructor: Maria Schmidt, Ph.D./ Poplars 622/ 855-9892

Required Reading:
Covey, S.R., (1989). The 7 habits of highly effective people: Powerful lessons in personal change. New York, NY: Fireside Books.
Course Readings Packet:
See Syllabus
Course Description: Human Development and Family Studies is a multi-discipline field that addresses human behavior across the life-span and interpersonal interaction, particularly in the intimate context of family. This Course explores issues related to working professionally in teh contxt of human development and family relationships. In particular, issues of professional identiy, preparation and development will be addressed. This includes a variety of tasks designed to acquaint the student with aspects of the profession, including professional certifications and professional organizations.

Course Requirements:
1. This pragmatic class requires full participation. Class activities are planned as an important component of this course, therefore, your attendance, participation in learning experiences, and contributions to class discussions are crucial.
2. Career autobiography
3. Criteria for Choosing a Career
4. Mission/Philosophy Statement
5. Career Information Search/Job Shadow
6. Resume/Correspondence